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Meet The Instructors

viktoria podroyko

Viktoria Podroyko

Certified Pilates Instructor

Viktoria, formerly with Arizona Back Care Institute, specializes in spinal injury rehabilitation. Her background includes four and one half years of medical school and sports rehabilitation of professional athletes. Suffering from injuries herself as a professional gymnast, Viktoria avoided multiple surgeries by creating plans of care that allowed her to resume her love of running and hiking and pursue her passion of restoring others to healthful activities of daily living.

evgeniya barbosa

Evgeniya Barbosa

Certified Pilates Instructor

Evgeniya Barbosa was introduced to Pilates in 2017 and immediately enrolled to be an instructor. Evgeniya's love of Pilates derives from her passion for fitness as well as assisting people to push their limits and feel healthier. After completing her 450 hours course, Evgeniya obtained her PSC and NPCP Pilates Certification. Once Evgeniya completed her certification, she joined Pilates 1-2-4 and began training clients with different injuries and ailments to help them achieve their personal goals like improving their golf game or having more strength. Dedication to her craft drives Evgeniya to continue her education in current training trends while emphasizing on injury prevention and rehabilitation. When Evgeniya is not teaching Pilates, you can find her either training for a marathon, hiking, reading or hanging out with her family and friends.